Can you shave your legs with sandpaper? One woman claims you can, says it works great and demonstrates it. She's a 49 year old woman with a popular Only Fans page but it was her Tik-Tok video about sandpaper shaving that melted the internet.

According to the NY Post there are some additional notes/drawbacks, it only lasts 24 hours and she applies lotion often. The Post also calls her a "soft-core" nurse that goes by "Jules" on Only Fans and says her leg shaving video has been viewed 1.3 million times.

If you want to shave your legs with sandpaper "Jules" included the following instructions:

  • Get 600 grit sandpaper
  • Massage your legs with the sandpaper in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion
  • Do that 10 times making a small circle motion
  • Apply lotion sanding

People will watch any other person, suggest anything, no matter how ridiculous its is and credentials be damned, this is what I've noticed about "the web."

Actually, it appears the less qualified you are to give advice on a subject, the more people will tune in. "Jules" is a nurse and I'm not calling that into question but is she a dermatologist? Did "Jules" spend 30 years working in design for Gillette? No her secret is that she "stalked" another Tik-Tok page where a woman suggested it.

Shave you legs with the paper, don't shave your legs with the sandpaper, what do I care? I think as a man, it's none of my business, get wild with sandpaper if you want, sand your head bald, use the same sandpaper to grate cheese for dinner, get wild.

P.S. - I know that's a Youtube video of a Tik-tok, I'm not spending all day securing the privelege to share her video.

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