The Big One hasn't hit us here in Connecticut just yet, but you know we're eventually going to get socked with a winter storm.

If you must drive when Connecticut roads get snowy and icy, here are some of Connecticut's winter driving rules that will make your drive better for you and your fellow motorists. One of the fairly new ordinances in the state is called the Ice Missile Law, which was enacted in June of 2010. Connecticut Police can stop a vehicle if the operator has not cleared off the ice and snow that has accumulated on his or her vehicle. The fine is $75.

You may not be aware of this law, but according to, warming up your car and letting it idle is against the law in Connecticut along with many other states because it's damaging to the environment according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

If you live in Danbury, you're most likely aware of the city's Snow Emergency Protocol Levels 1 through 3. All vehicles must be removed from city streets no later than (2) hours after the start of a winter storm. Cars may be returned after all snow removal has been completed. The Patriot Garage is available at no charge during a storm if you have no other location to park your vehicle.

It's not a rule, but it's a great idea to keep your lights on low beam while you're driving in either rain or snow and make sure to clean off your head and tail lights. For other tips on how to deal with ice and snow, click on I think my wife, Mindy has the right idea, she simply refuses to drive when it gets slippery and nasty in Connecticut.

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