Will you be sprinting to your local Apple Store to purchase the newly released iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro?

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Before I continue, you should know I am the owner of an antiquated iPhone X and before that, the iPhone 8. I enjoy my iPhone because it meshes with my whole feng shui Mac combo, which means my 2016 Macbook Pro laptop works in sync with my phone, making my life much more comfortable and enjoyable.

My morning show partner wouldn't hesitate to tell me that I'm an 'Apple Snob.' He thinks that Apple product owners consider themselves better than Android users, but that's not the case. Lou owns an iPhone, which he continually bitches about, but I digress.

Let's return to the original question that I asked in my headline, "Why do you feel you must own the new iPhone 12? Let's compare the stats of my iPhone X and the iPhone 12. Sure the iPhone 12 is 'new and improved.' Let's compare!

The Big Deal is that the 12 can run on 5G. Whoopty frickin' doo! From where I live, it's a miracle when I get 4G! The 12 is a tiny bit bigger than the X.  If you need a cell phone the size of a tablet, you have to go Android. The X has an A11 bionic chip, whereas the 12 has an A14 bionic chip. I don't even know what that means, nor do I care.

Yes, the iPhone 12 is prettier and has more advanced features and the good news is that Apple hasn't jacked up the price on their new phone. Bottom line is there's really nothing revolutionary about the 12 that makes me want to drop everything and race to the Apple Store to spend $1,000.

Amazon Seller '205'
Amazon Seller '205'

What I really miss is my old flip phone. If you were talking with someone and got pissed off, you could slam that flip phone shut and feel the adrenaline run through you like electricity.  You can still purchase a flip phone on Amazon.com.

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