Back in the 60's, Holy Land in Waterbury used to be one the most popular attractions in Connecticut.

According to, Holy Land was built in Waterbury as a Bible Theme Park back in 1955. Catholic lawyer, John Baptist Greco, built the park with the help of his organization the Companions of Christ. Depictions of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Christ's tomb were built as they looked during Jesus's day.

Holy Land(Waterbury) - Screenshot taken from a YouTube Video by 'Abandoned Buildings'
Holy Land(Waterbury) - Screenshot taken from a YouTube Video by 'Abandoned Buildings'

During the peak years in the 60s and early 70s, Holy Land attracted about 40,000 people a year. They came to see the recreation of the Garden of Eden, Jesus's Cross, and replicas of the catacombs and Israelite villages.

Unfortunately, Holy Land was abandoned when it closed its doors to the public in 1984, and for 30 years, the buildings and exhibits were left in disrepair or vandalized as they rotted away. Is there a Holy Land revival in its future?

In 2013, Waterbury mayor, Neil O'Leary, pledged his financial support to the site. A new cross was purchased, and on December 22, 2013, the cross was illuminated. On September 14, 2014, the park was officially opened back up to the public. Volunteers have cleared brush and debris away from the area and the exhibits and structures are slowly and surely being revitalized as money allows. To make a donation or to gather more information about Holy Land in Waterbury, click on

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