The perm is back in fashion!

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The perm or permanent waving became a popular hairdo in the 70's and 80's and according to the NY Post, it's back baby! The Post points out celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski Bella Hadid and Katie Holmes have all been spotted rocking a perm recently.

What's old is new again, it's the natural way of things, the circle of life but are we ready? More important, will Connecticut society embrace this intense hair choice? It all starts with women who are very fashionable and not afraid to be ahead of a trend, then the laggards catch up and finally dudes are walking around looking like John C. Reilly.


In spite of what my wife will tell you, I'm not being a hater. I'm a realist and the perm is an intense look. I also think CT people can be particularly safe with their fashion choices. So, I believe this is a fair question.....

I have learned that not all perms are created equally. Sometimes it's just wavy hair and then there are other times, where it is more.

Kath & Kimderella Red Carpet Call
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I think they wrote a book about this lady, it's called "Where the Red Perm Grows." She was a big winner in the Mid-perm elections. We talked about the return of the perm on the I-95 Morning Show Tuesday (3/28/23) and realized we knew a guy that had one.


I am looking forward to seeing these fuzzy heads out in the community. I say, give me a heaping chicken perm-asan with a side of curly fries.

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