Should the gun-maker, Remington Arms be held accountable for the Sandy Hook shootings? The Connecticut Supreme Court is hearing the appeal.

A story from AP reports that some relatives of the victims in the mass-murder that took place in Sandy Hook are asking the Connecticut Supreme Court to reinstate a wrongful death lawsuit against the gun-maker, Remington Arms.

Why the Lawsuit - Attorney Joshua Koskoff is arguing to reinstate the wrongful death lawsuit against the gun-maker on the grounds that the weapon used in the shootings were 'military killing machines' and were marketed as such by Remington.

The Issue - A 2005 federal law that exempts gun-makers from liability when their products are used when a crime has been committed.

The Exception - 'Negligent Entrustment' - when the manufacturer knows or should know that the weapon may be used in a manner that risks injury to others.

Response by Remington Arms - According to Remington's attorney, "The Bushmaster rifle is a legal firearm enjoyed by millions of recreational shooters, and the lawsuit isn't allowed under federal law." 

Response by Victim's Father - Check out the following video:

Previous Lawsuit - Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis dismissed this same lawsuit in October of 2016 citing the 'Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act' signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2005.

If you were a Connecticut Supreme Court Justice, how would you rule in this case?

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