Matthew McConaughey is a Texas alum and huge sports fan. It would make great sense to see him at a Texas Longhorns College Basketball game. What does not make sense is seeing him on the bench in burnt orange doing things coaches do.

He's been known to give great motivational sports speeches like this one.

But this is classic behavior escalation. What's the coaching staff gonna do? Ask him to leave? Ask him NOT to instruct the players? Ask him to stop looking like a coach? Ask him to stop being handsome? None of those things are going to happen. I think he's the coach now.

If Matthew wants to be the Head Coach, you let him. What does a basketball coach do anyway? Whatever it entails, he can do it. The dude is the boss of everything he does and he will boss the hell out of college basketball. I smell ten straight Final Four appearances.

Tell me you don't trust this guy to do whatever he wants and win at it, ga head...tell me.

Wooderson - "Ya' outta ditch the two geeks your in the car with now and get in with us but that's alright, we'll worry about that later."

That's a great line, I love it. How are you going to worry about that later? Are they going to discuss it later?

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