The amount of college students seeking counseling for anxiety and depression is through the roof.

It's a fact that college kids get stressed out, but according to The Center for Collegiate Mental Health getting "stressed out" has now grown into some serious anxiety and depression issues among many college students and percentages have been rising every year.

From a recent article in the NewsTimes, according to the Director of Health and Wellness at Quinnipiac University, 30% of students have requested counseling services and anxiety appears to be the #1 culprit.

Mental health experts have suggested that social media is at the top of the list for causing anxiety and depression. Students are spending more time by themselves on their phones and ipads than interacting with their friends, which causes a sense of isolation. I'm pretty sure that the fear of being gunned down in a school shooting doesn't help.

Some students who feel the need to get some counseling will not follow through because they think their friends and family will see them as weak. It's gotten to the point where there is now a shortage of mental health professionals to help these young adults. The days of looking your college junior in the eye and saying, "Hey, get your act together and toughen up. You don't need no counseling!" could well be over.

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