If we're not dogging our own state we're wondering why others do.

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There appears to be an anger associated with the Constitution State. Maybe, or maybe I'm on Reddit too much.

On April 2, 2023 a Reddit user called Impossible_Event1726 posted the following:

Why does Connecticut get so much hate?
Currently live in New York on Long Island and I hate it here with every fiber of my being. Planning on relocating within the next year or two to Connecticut as it has everything I’m looking for. Great food, corner stores everywhere, everyone’s friendlier, old cars that disappeared off NY streets whipping around, apartments/housing is significantly cheaper (good luck finding a house for under 300k or a two bedroom for under two grand in LI/NYC.) I don’t understand why the state gets so much hate, am I missing something?

The hilarious answers came pouring in, here are some of my favorites:

CT is a far better place than Long Island. I have heard many comments about Long Island being a s--hole, comments about aggressive drivers, and general hate and contempt for Long Island.

Yup. One entire side of my extended family, to this day, bitches about CT. Everything from taxes to obscure s---. They won't move though. They will bitch about things that they voted for, it's absolutely wild

“You’re from Connecticut? Isn’t that in New York?” An interaction I had more than once living in California

Black Rock Harbor Light House in Bridgeport, Connecticut. No longer in use.

I was told by the owner of a bodega in LA that CT wasn't a real state when I handed over my ID. When I said it totally was a state on the East Coast, he replied "...so New York"

I just moved here in the past year, and the amount of people I had to pull out a map for was astonishing. My own mother didn't know where CT was.

Currently living in Maine for school and they hate people from Connecticut up here. Or more specifically they hate the massive amount of people who come up and buy vacation homes messing up the local housing market, and then proceed to get involved in local politics and mess stuff up for the locals. Or just the general entitled tourists. Which is honestly understandable.

Beautiful fall foliage in the northeast USA
Sharan Singh

Because everybody from NYC moves here.

From who? New Yorkers complain about CT until they earn enough to buy some space or burn out on city life and then they move to CT. I used to live in an 800sq appt that rents for 10k. Now I own a private lake that abuts protected forest that can never be developed. Not much to hate here.

This is the answer. As a life long New Englander who has lived everywhere except NH and CT, the jokes I always hear is that CT might as well be NY because it has no real “New England soul.” That’s obviously not entirely true, but it’s true enough that it gets made fun of. If New England held a vote to kick someone out, it would be CT by a landslide. I visit friends in CT often who live on the Long Island sound and it’s quite lovely. The quaint coastal towns are great, but they get overshadowed by everything else.

The Farmington River near the Saville Dam.

I live in Connecticut, and will talk s--- about it religiously. But the second anyone insults CT I’m like “uh stfu only I can hate my state”

I think the truth lies in a mixture of all these answers. People from here do like to complain, it is like a hobby or a sport. The people who are not from here, have a lot they don't know about CT, including what it looks like on a map. I get the rage from within but I'll never understand why people hate us that have no connection to CT.

vector illustration of Connecticut map

For those who don't know what CT looks like on a map, see above.

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