Why Are WestConn Students Mushing Faces in Danbury? The Answer is Easy as Pie

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The students are smashing pies into their professors faces to raise money. The students paid money to smash a pie in the face of their favorite, or least favorite professor. WestConn released a Youtube video on 11/28/22 to show off their messy game, writing: "WCSU's Psych Alliance hosts a Pie a Professor event to raise funds for the Psychology Department." 

I didn't know the Psych Department needed money but as they point out on their Youtube page: "WestConn is an affordable public university with the characteristics of New England's best small, private universities." 

I would have put down $10 for the effort and we could have probably convinced our listeners to toss another 20 spot at it. WestConn, you just need to pick up the phone and call the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show, we're always willing to help Danbury institutions and organizations.

Here is the thing with WestConn, their radio station (WXCI) and their broadcast programs have a longstanding, incestuous relationship with I-95. This history goes back decades and produced a ton of talent, or at least it used to. Some of our favorite I-95 people like Tom Zarecki, Pam Brooks and Jim Clarke are XCI people. There are probably many others, I'm doing this from memory.

I've always wanted to build that back up. I want a pipeline to young talent that can help I-95 in the short-term and we can help their students with their long-term goals. Hell, I'll even teach a broadcast performance class at a discounted rate. Even better, my kids are just a few years of thinking about college. Their mother and I would nothing more than to get them a college education, in the city we live in. I smell endorsement opportunities.

ATTN: WestConn folks, the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou & Dave can be can be a great benefit to you, maybe, if I have the time.

OK, let's back it up and check the tape.

Too Much 


This kid basically punched that lady in the face.

For Real


I've seen that face, I've made that face, she is about to bring the noise.

P.S. Rest in Peace Jimmy Clarke, we miss you.

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