Let's be honest about alcohol and the holidays for a minute.  We've all seen the memes and heard the jokes about how much alcohol we need to get through the holidays with family.  And of course, it's mainly referring to the entire holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.

From wine to beer and hard liquor, there's something for everyone.  There's even the alcohol you buy because you know your crazy uncle is all about it or your sister-in-law will get passive-aggressive if you don't have the exact brand of wine she likes.

Oh yes, the holidays that we love so much hold stress and anxiety as well, whether we're hosting or visiting family.

Kelsey Chance
Kelsey Chance

Even get-togethers with friends can require liquid relaxation when your husband's fraternity brothers' shenanigans are in full swing or your girlfriend's besties bring the drama.

Preparation is key, and it's important to know that, because if you run out of alcohol on  Christmas day, you may be out of luck depending on where you live in New England.

Christine Jou
Christine Jou

According to Vine Pair and Reason, here are the three New England states where you're out of luck, the two where you can go crazy, and the one where bars and restaurants are your only choice.

If you live in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, you'd better make sure you have what you need in terms of alcohol, because all sales are banned on Christmas.

I should point out that there's not an official ban in New Hampshire, however, the state government runs the liquor and wine retailers and doesn't allow sales on those holidays.

Lucky for you, if you live close to Maine or Vermont, you can buy alcohol anytime and anywhere that's open on holidays.

Meanwhile, Connecticut is the state where bars and restaurants that are open on the holidays become your friends and where you can grab that glass of wine or mixed drink.

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