It's Halloween. Everybody's entitled to one good scare right?

It's hard to believe that there was a actually a time in my life when the month of October went by without me sitting in front of a television and watching 'Halloween' from start to finish. I first watched the movie when I was around 10 or 11 years old. This was sometime around 1982 or 1983 when HBO was showing the movie.

I distinctly remember it being a chilly October night and I could hear the sound of leaves rustling on the pavement on the street outside our living room window. It was just me and my older brother Marty and I remember him asking me if I felt like I was "o.k." with watching the movie since it was gonna be pretty scary. I thought about it for a second and thought, "Sure, why not? How scary could it be?"

Halfway through the movie I remember being so filled with fright yet I couldn't stop watching. Oh my God who is this Michael Myers? That lifeless creepy mask, that slow methodical walk. He doesn't talk, all you hear is the sound of him breathing as he watched his victims from afar before finally taking them down one by one.

That night I went to sleep...or tried to at least. I always wanted my bedroom door to be left open just a crack and on that night all I could see is Michael Myers' standing there looking at me with that mask on. I turned my back to the door only to be facing my bedroom window. Sure enough, I swore I saw Michael there too.

You would think after an experience like that I'd never want to see the movie again right? I've seen 'Halloween' hundreds of times and will watch it again this year in full. I'll also stay tuned to it if I come across it on T.V. What can I say, I'm hooked on the horror rush of 'Halloween'.

I wanna year your story. Where were you when you first watched 'Halloween'?

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