For my big game menu, I of course started with chicken wings, then onto a layered cheese dip and some jalapeno poppers but something was missing. That missing item was sliders. Little baby cheeseburgers baby.

The best of course are the White Castle sliders but sadly there is no White Castle even close to here. It is a crime against humanity. I have written letters to the corporate office and lobbied for years to get one here and so far, nothing.

For this Sunday I just have to move on from worrying about White Castle and figure out where I can get a decent slider. The most important thing you can do before answering my question is to review the essentials for what I consider to be a good slider.

It must:

  • Be small, if I wanted a giant burger, I would just get one.
  • Have a butt load of onions.
  • Have a super soft and small bun.
  • Have both ketchup and mustard on it.
  • Come in servings of at least 20.

If you know where I can get a pallet of sliders that fit my requirements, tell me already.

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