When my wife Erica and I were dating I don't even remember how often we texted. It probably was not that much because we spent every waking hour together. I'm really in no position to say what the etiquette is on this but I can tell you this, 65,000 texts is too many.

This is what one Arizona woman is accused of, after going on one date with a guy. She's 31-year-old Jacqueline Ades and according to KGUN she texted a man and estimated 65,000 times over the course of a few months.

Police also say back in In July 2017 they found her parked outside the man's home. The victim claims he called about this in December as well when she did the same thing but cops could not locate her at that time.

Flash forward to April 8th of this year, the victim calls the police again. He says he is out of the country but saw Ms. Ades in his home on his surveillance camera. Officers moved in and according to the report they found the woman in the victims bathtub. Cops say they also found a large butcher knife on the front seat of her car. She's been arrested and charged with trespassing.

If you set aside the butcher knife, the trespassing and the multiple stalk sessions for just a second we can examine the texting. Let's agree that 65,000 texts over a few months is not the way to go. She admitted to the police that it was about 500 a day. Again, no bueno.

So you just started dating someone, how often do you text them? What is too much? I think if you are a new couple like 2, 3 a day is healthy? No? Ladies, you really are the boss of this. What is the number of texts that would creep you out?

P.S. I would have missed this all together. I would have never suspected the lady had the potential to bring a butcher knife to my home. I'd just be walking around saying "this chick wants me bro, she texts like 500 times a day." It's amazing I'm still alive. 

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