In honor of Bob Seger's birthday today I ask you Seger Nation - What are your five favorite Bob Seger songs? Sixteen studio albums, two live albums, five compilation albums and more than sixty singles so, yeah, you may need some time on this one.

Keep in mind that this is not one of those objective greatest Bob Seger song lists. We've seen those before. I want to know what songs YOU connect with most and why. It doesn't have to be a hit single, it doesn't have to be a single at all. Maybe it's an album track or a live track. It could be old, new or in between. Just go to the comment section below or i95's Facebook page. Before you name your Bob Seger Top Five I'll give you mine first.

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    In the summer of 1989 I was 17 years old and working at the elementary school in my home town. Five days a week, eight hours a day I mopped and waxed floors, washed windows and scraped gum off of every classroom in the building all in the middle of a miserably hot summer where it got up to 100 degrees more than once. My saving grace - a case of cassettes and a Walkman.

    One of those cassettes was the 'Beverly Hills II' soundtrack and this was one of the songs on it. I will always think of that summer and how this tune helped get me through it.

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    "Like A Rock"

    Yeah I was among the many who got tired of hearing this song on Chevy truck commercials back in the 90s. Years after its run on TV ended, however, I went back and listened to it and realized just how amazing this song really is.

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    "We've Got Tonight"

    There are times when a song really hits you thanks to its use in a movie or TV show and that's the case with "We've Got Tonight".

    One day I was watching re-runs of The Wonder Years and an episode called "The Accident" ran. Kevin Arnold sees Winnie Cooper for the first time after breaking up with her two months before. He realizes that she's no longer the same girl that he knew growing up and worries that he is nothing more than a piece of her past. Then this song kicks in. It was the perfect song for the moment.

    I couldn't find video of that episode on YouTube but someone did upload the audio of the moment so let's listen together shall we? Someone bring the Kleenex.

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    I interned for a radio station in New Haven back in my college years and one night I decided to take advantage of all the great CDs they had in the studio and make my own mixed tape. This song wound up on it. I listened to that cassette over and over until the tape finally snapped.

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    "Roll Me Away"

    If you've ever seen the 1985 movie "Mask" you will likely remember hearing this song played as the credits roll at the end of the film. It was such a powerful moment. That was the first time I ever heard the song. I was about 13, 14 years old at the time and just had to know who sang that song. It's remained my personal favorite Bob Seger fan to this day.

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