Every one of us has had an expensive day that happened completely by accident. We lost something, we broke something and it was either worth a lot of money or it just WAS a lot of money.

The only worse feeling than losing or destroying something expensive is the feeling you get when you lose or destroy something that does not belong to you. I've been there more than I'd care to admit.

As far as breaking things goes, I've been OK, not great. I've never broken anything too expensive. I've definitely broken like a thousand ceramic figurines in my time. I don't go in those houses anymore with the clutter and the little statues everywhere. Generally, cluttered houses with "chachkies" make me feel like I'm being strangled by a ghost. I'm easily agitated by that, plus I bump into s--- and break them by accident.

When it comes to losing things, I've gone BIG! Let's just say, MANY years ago I was holding a large sum of money for a person I should not have been holding money for. Let's just say this person is not the kind of person whose money you would want to lose. Let's just say, I lost it. You wanna talk about poopin' some pants? I know what that's all about. Thankfully, I found it.

What have you lost? What have you broken? What did it cost? Did you ruin your day or someone else's?

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