Did you hear that Connecticut? A scream of rage, mixed with desperation? That's the sound of local retailers realizing that their portion of all that sweet, last-minute Valentine's Day revenue is gone. Why? It's snowing, Connecticut is closed.

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Aren't there a few out there who aren't intimidated of driving on 1-2-10 inches of snow? CT D.O.T workers and local plow guys have been waiting for this moment, the biggest snowstorm to hit Connecticut in two years. They're out there clearing a path to a closed business right now. Maybe they would like to hit a clothing store and get some new warm boots? They don't sell boots at Mobil.

The list of cancellations and delays started scrolling across our local tv stations 24 hours ago, 18 hours before even the first flake fell. Churches and activity groups seem to be the most paranoid, and it always amazed me that spas and wellness centers send out alerts that they won't be waxing your nether regions due to the slippery conditions.

I just took a spin through my social media - Today is Tuesday, February 13, 2024, the day before Valentine's Day, and Connecticut's first Raising Cane's has officially delayed their Grand Opening in Enfield until tomorrow. Other restaurants that have announced that they're not opening today? Litchfield's @ The Corner will not open today, Maggie McFly's has delayed opening, respect it. You need a open business? Go to Waterbury,  Lifestyles, and Fascia's Chocolates are both open.

Is it the lack of human resources? Part-time employees understandably are the first to call out, but I've never seen it like this, where nothing is open. If only Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods were closer, they never shut down.

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