As sports fans we all take the word of sports historians about players we never saw play. What will the word be on Tony Romo many years down the line? Will he be a quarterback with great natural talent who never put it all together? Will he be considered a bust? Will he be considered one of the greats?

I have seen his career and I know exactly how I will remember him. He is the most overrated quarterback of his era. There is not one other quarterback I can think of that was given more hype and produced less from his era. Every year it was the same song and dance. Every media outlet in the country, especially ESPN would tell you that this guy has the stuff to carry his team to a Super Bowl and win it.

Instead what happened is he won one playoff game and was hurt WAY more often than he should have been. I will remember him as the guy who blew it against the Seahawks, dated country pop stars and has no pelts on the wall. Maybe he will make a better broadcaster.

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