A Tacoma, WA Chuck E. Cheese was the sight of a gun incident on Sunday according to KIRO 7. An unnamed 22 year old man accidentally shot himself in the leg according to the report. Witnesses say people were running and screaming when they saw the gun. What's more, the man has a concealed weapons permit so he'll face no charges.

What the hell? This "family friendly" restaurant chain has the absolute WORST track record of any place I can think of. This incident is a bit off from the usual M.O. Chuck E. Cheese is best known for it's booze fueled, fisticuffs but still, C'mon!

You wanna have some cheap pizza, let your kids climb in the disgusting ball pit and people are throwing hay makers and shooting their own legs. That's not what I call a relaxing family night out.

As for this gun incident, I dunno but I can tell you for sure what Chuck E. Cheese's usual problem is, they sell alcohol. Kids push, kids shove, kids make fun and when these things happen it's up to parents to step in and do level headed parent things. That can't happen if all the parents are hopped up on ice cold brews.

My kids know, to not even ask about Chuck E. Cheese, it's not happening. If you think I am just fabricating this stuff or completely generalizing then I ask you to go to the video tape.

DISCLAIMER - Almost all of the videos below contain foul language and violence.

I love that the mouse is just walking around in the middle of this thing completely deflated. What's a mouse to do in this case? You can't try and break it up and risk losing your head.

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