You can feel nature calling but you're dreading that trip to the office bathroom because the reading material selection is deplorable.

For months now there's only been one book to page through in the men's room here at I-95 and that's Jim McCarty's autobiography. Who's 'Jim McCarty' you might ask?

Jim McCarty's Autobiography - Ethan Carey Photo

McCarty was the original drummer for the Yardbirds back in the late '60's. It's worth skimming through, but after one 10 minute session in the can, you're ready to move on. I walked into the ladies room here at the station (yes, I knocked first) and it was downright pathetic. The only reading material was a sign on the wall, but it sure did smell nice. Evidently, ladies don't need to poop.

Ladies Room at I-95 - Ethan Photo

The I-95 coed bathroom had an OK collection of magazines but most of them were from 2015. This begs the question, is there a decent selection of reading material in your company bathroom? If not, why not? Should the company you work for be responsible for the restroom's reading material? If you had your choice, what magazines would you choose for your company restroom?

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