Someone actually told me recently that they love "Lunchables." This was an adult and I said that cannot be. You don't like "Lunchables." You cannot like them as a grown up because you have had grown up people food. They insisted that they like them and I had to move on with my life. It did get me to thinking what kids food I like.

The best food or snack that is meant to be for kids though has to be "Trix" yogurt. "Trix" yogurt is not yogurt, it is not cereal, it's not made from anything natural and it is amazing. It's probably made in a lab somewhere from sugar, dyes and unicorn dreams. There is also "Cinnamon Toast Crunch", "Dino bites" and the always popular "Sour Patch Kids."  Those are all good.

The best thing in the world made for kids though is actually baby food. The Gerber baby food fruits in a jar should be sold for adults as well. They need to make them a little bigger for us and if they did that we are talking smash success. I'm a big Gerber peaches fan.

What kids food do you love?

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