What is the most money you've ever made in one day? How did you make it? I don't know if mine is good? OK, let me rethink that, I know it's not good. Now that I think about it there are people out there in construction, people in finance and even people in the service industry that have made more than me in one day.

Mine was when I was on the Northeast tour with the Deadliest Catch. I was the host/moderator of the speaking engagements the cast did in the Northeast. All tolled I think we did seven cities that I was a part of. I had a show in Asbury Park, NJ on a Saturday night. The night before we were in Westbury, LI. In Long Island I made 2,000 on Friday, went home on Saturday, worked a side gig for 300 bucks then went to NJ for the Saturday night show and made another 2,000. For the weekend I made 4,300 hundred and that Saturday 2,3000 total.

That I am sure is chicken skins compared to what some of you have made in a day. What did you do, legal or illegal that made you the most money in one day. We will be talking about this tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show and will share your answers. GO!

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