Can you feel it in the air? The summer's out of reach. The beaches may be empty but the Mohegan Sun will be packed with Don Henley classics tonight.

Henley will send off the summer season for Connecticut fans with what promises to be an amazing show in Uncasville tonight. As we get ready for the concert I ask you this: What is Don Henley's greatest song?

My pick didn't come quickly but I'll go with "The Boys Of Summer". It's hard to believe it but this song could have gone to Tom Petty instead of Henley. Petty's guitarist Mike Campbell wrote the music and offered it to his bandmate first. Fortunately for Henley Tom wasn't feeling a connection so it went to Don who immediately took a liking to it.

With a cassette of the music in hand Henley hopped in his car and went for a ride in hopes of finding lyrical inspiration. It turned out he found it on the San Diego Freeway. The lyrics breezed through his mind like the summer wind blowing through his hair as he cruised down the highway. It doesn't get any cooler than that.

Alright, so I've casted my vote. Now it's your turn!

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