To me, music should be an integral part of everyone's school life. Sadly, that isn't always the case. Recently though some aid came to the Danbury public school system via two different programs.

Back in September I shared this piece of great news.

Dr. Sal Pascarella, Superintendent of Danbury Public Schools was recently joined by  music education leaders in Danbury Public Schools, as well as Jaclyn Rudderow, Newtown native, who is the Program Director of the VH1 "Save The Music" foundation, and Richard Wenning, Executive Director of the SpreadMusicNow non-profit, to talk about the impact the music grants have already had.

Dr. Pascarella had this to say during the discussion:

Music is a foundational skill for students to have and it enriches their lives

The impact of these grants was expressed in this comment from Lauren Brown, Elementary Music Teacher in the Danbury Public Schools

These two programs have succeeded in getting reliable instruments consistently into the hands of local students and kept them there. Helping students build a musical community

Dr. Pascarella acknowledged that along with the grant to keep instruments in schools, the help of many local parents continues to be very important as well.

Kudos to all involved in helping children thrive and grow through music.

If you are interested, here is their entire conversation, which is part of the local show, "Pockets of Excellence"

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