I think it is safe to say none of us would WANT a fake doctor to perform any medical procedure on us, but if you HAD to choose one, who would you go with?

You have Dr. Dre, Dr. Huxtable, Dr. House, Dr. Jack Shepard, Dr. McDreamy, Dr. McSteamy, Doogie Howser, Dr. Quinn — the list goes on and on.

Dr. Huxtable is out for me. I feel like he is being irresponsible with his subscription pad. Dr. Evil is also no bueno. I also think the Grey's Anatomy team is a little too preoccupied with their personal lives to really focus their full attention on me.

It really comes down to two names for me — Dr. Gregory House and Dr. Lisa Cuddy from Princeton Plainsboro Hospital.

Dr. House gives you the best chance of living from all of the fictional doctors that ever lived. I mean, the man is head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine after all.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy, on the other hand, is smoking hot, and if I have to rely on a fake doctor to save my life, I'm probably a dead man anyway. Might as well go out with a view.

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