Friday night, I was broadcasting live for i95 on the Green in Danbury for the free concert series. I parked my car, started strolling down Ives Street and "Eleven Ives Street" caught my attention. The former nightclub has been a zombie property for years, but seeing it this way, frozen in time, made all these memories rush back into my mind.

For a time, it was the hot spot in Danbury -- a great place to grab a drink, especially if you were single. Friday and Saturday nights, the place would be packed with young people dancing, sweating and getting to know one another. One of the unique things about the place was they hired attractive young ladies to dance on small elevated stages.

In fact, my wife was one of the dancing girls for a short time. That makes me wonder if I ever hit on her back then? If I do the math, I went there enough to have met all the girls that would have been paid dancers -- I 1000% hit on all of them and not one them was into it. So yeah, that happened.

I also remember that the club had amazing curb appeal. If you were going down the street on a weekend when it was open, the patio would be jammed, the lights from inside would beam onto the street and you could feel the music pulsing.

The once desired summer party patio, is now just some crumbling rocks with weeds climbing through. It looks smaller than I remember and a little sad.

Lou's phone

Then, I got closer and looked through the window. It looks as if everyone suddenly walked out in the middle of a busy Saturday night, closed the door and never went back.

Lou's phone

They say you can never go back, but when I got close to this building, I felt like I had gone back, if only for second.

I think I'll buy it, name it Eleven Ives Street, hire the same staff back and play the same music. It's been closed long enough that nostalgia is on my side. (I'll need some partners, investor types, to front me approximately 100% of the money it will require to get it of the ground)