Forgive me for sounding like a buzzkill, but I don't think doing 80 miles per hour on a residential road is okay.

I live on a quiet street -- we have old people waking their walks and children riding their bikes. This one person in particular just does not give a damn.

I'm all for going fast. I love a good, fast car on the highway or a race track, but do we need to do mach-9 on sleepy residential streets?

I'd like to talk to the guy, but I can't catch a speeding motor vehicle. I know I can call the cops, sure. But they will then have to set up a sting operation. I could probably manage to wave him down at some point, but then I have to try to stay calm and not make illegal threats against his life. All these scenarios sound like they are not fun.

What have you done to stop a speeding, fire haired lunatic?

Shake and Bake on your own time.

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