If you have seen commercials for the Amazon products that feature Alexa, you know there are a bunch of different things Alexa can do. She can turn the heat up, the TV on, she can make a to-do list and even pay your bills.

I know a lot of people who have Alexa, I have Alexa. No one does any of that. In my house, Alexa is used exclusively to ask general interest questions. That and we call her names and swear at her just to see what she will say.

That's about the extent of Alexa's ACTUAL role in most households. Recently, I asked Alexa a dumb question and got a surprising answer. I asked Alexa where the nearest "Orange Julius" was. I was assuming that the company no longer existed. I assumed wrong.

Alexa told me that there was one in Waterbury, CT. I laughed, figured she had dated information and moved on with my life. Somehow, Orange Julius came up on the Ethan and Lou show this morning. I brought up my conversation with Alexa, mentioned how I thought she was wrong and again moved on with my life.

Then one of our listeners reached out and confirmed that Orange Julius IS alive and well in Waterbury, CT. Ed told me it's on Thomaston Avenue. I now know where I will be today. I'll be drinking a Mango Pineapple smoothie in Waterbury.

So, how do you use Alexa? Are you like me? Is it mostly swearing and asking where businesses are?

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