Personally, I found Superbowl 53 to be tedious and uninspired.

I admit I'm a passive fan when it comes to sports. I can go an entire NFL season without watching one single game. I'm a New York Giants fan but will only watch the Superbowl if my team is playing. I guess you could call me an apathetic fan. Here are some of the Patriot's highlights featuring Edleman and Gronkowski.

For this article, I'm just going to spew random thoughts about what I was thinking while watching the game last night. As the game plodded along all I kept asking myself was, "When can I call it a night?" The only reason I hung in there was that I wanted to offer my perspective about the game on the air the following morning and 'hanging in there' was at often times difficult, especially in the first half.

When the two teams competing in the Superbowl fail to show up with their offense as did both the Pats and Rams, the game becomes a snore fest except for the playmaking of Superbowl MVP, Julian Edelman. Brady was flat and looked uninspired and Ram's QB, Jared Goff barely showed up.

I give the halftime show featuring Adam Levine with Maroon 5 and hip hop artist Big Boi a C-. Part of the reason it didn't do it for me was that I'm not a part of that generation anymore. Adam Levine??? Really? Isn't he so last decade although my wife did enjoy the scenery when he removed his shirt.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
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In all fairness, I can't give you my take on Hip Hop artist, Big Boi because I am not a fan of that genre of music. What were your thoughts about the introduction for Big Boi driving a Caddilac while wearing a huge fur coat? Hasn't that been done many times before? Now it's your turn to offer comments about Superbowl 53. Did you like it? Are you a hater? Did you stick it out? 

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