What dads really want and really don't want on Father's Day.

The website TopCashBack.com recently revealed the results of a survey that polled 1,480 adults ages 18 and over about what their dad would really like, actually use, and enjoy on Father's Day and it ain't no tie.

Lou Milano and His Daughter, Vida - Photo Credit - Joseph Purayidathil

74% of Americans surveyed plan on buying dad a gift for Father's Day and will spend from $1 to $100. Here's what dads really want on Sunday.

  1. Gift Card (46%)
  2.  Spending quality time with the kids (29%)
  3. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner (26%)
  4. Electronics (25%)
  5. Participating in a family activity (19%)

Here's what dads really don't want on their special day.

  1. Jewelry
  2. Appliances??
  3. Music
  4. Movies
  5. Books

What are Americans planning on giving their dad on Father's Day?

  1. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner (33%)
  2. Gift Card (30%)
  3. Greeting Card (27%)
  4. Spending quality time with pops (26%)
  5. Clothing (22%)

Let's recap shall we? NO ties, NO appliances(?), NO white underwear,



and NO socks. You can't go wrong with a generic gift card so he's able to spend it on anything he wants. Go the extra step and spend some time picking out the perfect card for your dad.