Whether it's edibles or cannabis, America's senior population could be 'One Toke Over the Line.'

Are you ready for these numbers? Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, between 2015 and 2018, the percentage of seniors 65 plus using cannabis has increased by 75%, and women 65 and older appear to be driving that increase.

An article on the CNN website reveals that many older Americans choose marijuana edibles to help them sleep. In contrast, others use THC for pain relief and to increase their libidos, or at least I've heard that's the case. I've also heard from various friends that smoking some good gange can make you seek out copious amounts of junk food.

Have you ever shopped at a legal recreational marijuana shop? I had my first experience after we had landed in Denver on our way to Buffalo, Wyoming. My first observation was that everybody in the pot shop appeared to be very happy, mellow, and friendly. I've also heard many fans of the cannabis call these shops, The Candy Store. Have you ever been inside one? Let's check it out!

I just happen to remember a conversation a friend of mine and I had back in the early 70s. I asked him point-blank if he'd ever smoked marijuana. He explained that he was dating a girl who asked him that same question. When he told her that he wasn't a pot smoker, she replied, "When I smoke pot, I usually end up naked!" That was my friend's introduction to the world of cannabis.

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