Craigslist is one of the more fascinating websites where you can purchase goods and services from Asian massage to finding a friend.

So I'm skimming some of the goods and services that are being offered on Craigslist in the Danbury area and I came across some items that appeared a bit freaky to me.

  1. Asian Massage in Danbury, Brookfield, and Newtown, "Let our magic hands melt your stress away. Beautiful and sweet Asian staff are ready to give you best service body massage." Beware of descriptions that omit the word 'the.' Huh! It sounds to me like, ah, never mind.
  2. Become an Egg Donor Today - Females between 21 and 29, healthy weight, non-smokers, no drug use to donate your eggs in your spare time. You can earn $8,000 or more. Females only need apply.
  3. Nude Yoga Instructor - The guy who is looking for a nude yoga instructor claims he's tried massage therapy, but he's been told that yoga could really help. He doesn't go into any detail about what exactly he needs help with. So now he decides he needs a nude yoga instructor, so I'm thinking maybe the issue he needs help with is his penis. The he finishes his ad by stating, "We could work out times and agree on a fee." If you're a nude yoga instructor and interested, just click the link and good luck.
  4. Personal Assistant - Looking for a woman who can do housework, cooking, cleaning, laundry and must be very experienced in the art of massage. Salary is contingent on your experience for giving a happy ending. WHAT?!
  5. Child's Antique Potty Chair - Seriously? Are there people who actually buy this crap? No pun intended.

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