Blue Crate has an amazing deal going on right now for this umbrella hat that will make you a Christmas gift giving rock star. It's called "The Umbrella Jacket" and it's amazing. Whether you hate the rain, have an ironic sense of humor or just want to look like an escaped mental patient, the umbrella jacket is for you.

Just imagine giving and or receiving this gift for Christmas. The smiles, the laughter, the selfies and the inevitable Instagram likes. The Umbrella jacket is the perfect gift for the friend who has it all and wants to look like they JUST lost it all.

This baby is just 13.99 and Blue Crate does not even bother with a hard sell approach. The description reads: "It's an umbrella! It's a jacket! No, it's the Umbrella Jacket!" No hard sell needed here, they know a gift this goofy sells itself.

If you are awesome, you'll outfit your whole family with these and maybe throw one in for me. Merry Christmas weirdos.

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