According to Fox News there is a 39 year old West Haven Florida woman who owns a weight loss clinic called "Dr. Drop It Like It's Hot." Her name is Jesse Lopez and she has allegedly been performing minor cosmetic surgeries and prescribing medication.

Only problem with this is the Florida Department of Health says she does not have a medical license and does not even have a medical degree. Jesse Lopez was arrested and faces six counts of unlicensed practice of health care.

My thoughts in bullet form:

  • Well if I ever have a serious medical ailment in Florida, I'm going to make my peace with God. Florida you say?
  • If your plastic surgeon's name is "Drop it Like It's Hot" you deserve what you get which is likely one breast in the East and the other in the West and lumpy as all get out.
  • How much do you wanna bet this office was in a strip mall? I'll bet ya another dollar that the office was right between a Publix and a Hooters.
  • What kinda stones do you have to have to PRETEND to be a doctor and perform PROCEDURES on PEOPLE!?

Florida just circling the drain all day, everyday.


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