I'm not a Webster Bank customer, but I'd be unhappy if my bank was closing it's doors, how about you?

Wow. It appears as if modern technology has won out in some banks. When you can do your business with the swipe of a finger via numerous devices, I guess the need for face to face contact goes out the window. Here's proof.

In a story from courant.com Waterbury based Webster Bank is closing eight branches, three of them are in Connecticut, one of which is in Danbury. According to the Hartford Courant the Danbury location on 105 Mill Plain Road in Danbury will close April 10.

In addition to Danbury, Webster is closing their branches in Manchester and Wethersfield. Also being closed are banks in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The courant.com article states that Webster kicked off a program back in 2011 that took into account the changing ways that customers were using branches since electronic options in banking were on the rise. So far in Connecticut, 21 branches have been closed under the program. Webster also made note of the fact that the decline in customers using tellers has dropped off sharply over the last six years and a large portion of their customers use mobile banking and the self service deposit option.

Maybe it's because I like to talk to people face to face. Maybe it's because a lot of this change puts people out of work. I'm the shopper who still refuses to use the self-check out at the grocery store, so you know where I'm coming from. But while advances in technology are amazing, I feel like a whole lot of it will come back to bite us in the butt.

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