Being the best feels good, being #10 not as good but hey we're in the conversation.

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CNBC just published their annual report of the Best States to live and work in and the Nutmeg State ranked #10 in the U.S. The report makes clear that there has been a lot of change from last year with some states stepping up their game and others falling off.

Why did we perform so well in the study? They say our strengths are in healthcare, worker protection and low crime but healthcare was our defining star, noting:

Access to care is among the best anywhere, with one primary care physician for every three residents.

Our weaknesses were air quality and voting rights.

The study says these are the Top 5 States to Live and Work In:

1. Vermont

2. Maine

3. New Jersey

4. Minnesota

5. Hawaii

Texas was ranked as the worst state in this year's report.

A Sunset overlooking Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut
Joy Harriman

Come on Connecticut we deserve a round of applause. They can say what they want about taxes, cost of living, bad weather or Bridgeport but we can get a doctor's appointment like you read about.

We can go to Dunkin' for breakfast lunch and dinner, hit up a "packy" every block and get a tight fade from the barbershop. We have pizza, steamed cheeseburgers and Holy Land USA. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Florida!

Boats anchored in the bay - Greenwich, Connecticut

Here are the Top 4 Changes I'd make if I were running things:

MEGA BEACH: I would revamp all the crappy beaches we have and turn them into one MEGA BEACH. I'd import sand from Singapore, install the world's largest boardwalk and give free helicopter rides.

Bring an NFL franchise to CT:  We work with the NFL to launch a brand new CT based team.

Limit NY Initiative: I would cap the amount of New Yorkers that can move here each year to 5. Yep, 5 human beings per year.

Stop Talking About Pizza Law: If you talk about pizza too much you do a mandatory prison sentence of 5 years. I'm sick of hearing about it, great we have pizza.

I'd make an excellent leader for the people of CT.

vector illustration of Connecticut map

P.S. I'm from New York originally, smell the hypocrisy.

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