It's the eternal struggle that any business has that's in a highly regulated residential/commercial area of any town. How can you improve your grounds/facilities without pissing off the neighbors that live nearby?

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The business that's asking this week is Waterbury's Post University and the question that Post is asking its neighbors in the Country Club Road area of town is, "We want to put up new, modern lights at our athletic field, is that ok?"


According to, the University held a recent public meeting with its neighbors where the idea of improving and modernizing the lighting around Post's LaMoy Athletic Field was re-introduced. Post's improvement plans calls for "State of the art, highly-focused lighting" for the field.

If you know the neighborhood, there seems to be only a couple of streets that possibly may be affected by the change in lighting - Country Club Road, Medway Road, and the houses that are on Country Club Woods Circle off of Umberfield Road.

Post is directly asking nearby residents to weigh in on their proposal again, there's another meeting open to the public scheduled for Tuesday night, March 8, 2022 at 6 PM in Post's MacDermid Hall - Room 116. If you would like to attend, RSVP to

Most outdoor sporting events are held in the afternoon or early evening with start times typically between 2-7 PM. In the fall, when the sun sets before 5 PM, that would mean the lights would be focused on the field until 9-10 PM at the latest? Winter sports are held inside and spring sports usually start up after Daylight Savings Time, when the sun sets after 6-7 pm early. It's nice that Post is showing respect and asking for its neighbor's opinions, make sure to voice yours.

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