I identify the Brass City as a gritty pioneer town filled with free thinkers and innovators. So, when I heard that Waterbury did not make the 2021 list for Best Cities for Naked Gardening, I was surprised.

Not only was Waterbury not on the list, but neither was my home city of Danbury or any other CT city for that matter. We do not rank at all in the Nutmeg State for nuts-out plant production.

You might be questioning what I am even talking about, asking if this list is real? Let's start there, it is real and the results were gathered by Lawn Starter.

To celebrate World Naked Gardening Day (5/1/21), Lawn Starter gathered metrics from big cities around the U.S. and examined key factors that include: local legality of nudity, gardener-friendliness and the share of the nudist population.

When all was said and done, we learned that Miami, FL was the best U.S. city for nude gardening, and the State of California seemed to be the most accepting of the practice in general.

While cold weather was a factor, it did not eliminate cities from contention. There were cold-weather cities that "showed" well on the list like St. Paul, MN and Newark, NJ.

Urban gardening is as big now, as roller skating was in the 80's. The time is right to lose the bra, get into the dirt and see what's what with the photosynthesis. I'd really like to see Waterbury topping this list next year. I even wrote a few headlines in anticipation of next year's victory:

"Waterbury Leads the Nation in Hanging Baskets" 

"Pants Free Waterbury Residents Take Top Spot for Sticky Willow Production" - A "Sticky Willow" is apparently a real plant known officially as the galium aparine

"Waterbury Gets Naked and Wags Turkey Corn in America's Face" - The turkey corn is another real plant name. The turkey corn also goes by the "fringed bleeding heart" which we have tons of in CT.

"Waterbury Grows into Itself, Named #1 for Naked Gardening"

"Bushes in Bushes, Brass City Named Best City for Nude Gardening" 

I'll stop there.

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