Now that the squabbling between Major League Baseball ownership and the Players Association is over the two sides say they are headed back to work. Teams are to report to camp on July 1 and the 60 game MLB season will kick off either July 23 or July 24. It won't look anything like what we recognize as baseball with no fans and weird rules but what the hell, it's something to look at.

As weird as 2020 has been I would not be surprised one bit if the Mets go out and win the whole damn thing. It just seems like the perfect little annoying bow on this year. I'm a Yankee fan who worries very little about the Mets, I lose no sleep over them at night but in 60 games anything can happen.

Knowing my Met fan friends it won't matter to them their team won an empty shell of a partial title, they will still take their victory lap for being the team who had the least injuries over 60 games. My pal Chris in particular, will be extremely obnoxious because there is no reasonable baseball debate to be had with a Mets fan.

I'm just getting it out there now because I have this sinking feeling about this year. I know who won't win a 60 game season, the Yankees. Giancarlo Stanton will play the first two games and immediately go on the 15 day DL with a hip injury, Aaron Judge will test positive for COVID after 10 days and be out for the year and Gary Sanchez will pull two tours on the Injured List with a groin injury followed by another groin injury.

This is gonna suck! Let's GO!

P.S. I'm still not convinced they will play the whole 60 games, the playoffs and crown a champ. If they do pull it off, there will be a parade down the "canyon of heroes" with Mets riding in the saddest celebration of little, to no accomplishment in the history of minimal accomplishments. 

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