It was a shocking and dangerous sight to behold!

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Imagine you're cruising at 65mph on a major highway when all of a sudden over 100 teens on bicycles appear up ahead. It's like they didn't have a care in the world as they rode in the right and center lanes, according to an article in the Hartford Courant.

The spectacle took place on I-91 in New Haven last Saturday and was filmed by a guy who was riding in the passenger seat as his wife was driving. The teens decided that trying different stunts like wheelies and other tricks were brilliant ideas while cars veered to the left to get out of the way. Luckily no one was hurt.

If you're asking why these teens decided to assemble and then all ride together onto a major highway, it's because they're TEENAGERS! According to a lengthy article in National Geographic Magazine, brains begin to go through massive reorganization between our 12th and 25th year.

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Adolescent brains experience extensive renovations and rewiring as they develop into their 20's. Think of it as the mind going through several software upgrades, which are the significant reasons many teens can be moody one minute and on top of the world later on the same day. Nonetheless, as a parent, having to live with and experience those upgrades can be a paramount pain in the ass! To read the entire National Geographic article, click on this link.


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