Social media was on fire over the weekend with all things related to the new Avengers film, "End Game." One of the stories to come out of the hype surrounding the movie, claims that filmmakers were "fat shaming."

One viewer had this to say:

is full of obesity-shaming jokes with Thor in a fat suit. * Articles online that call this out are too scared to say this without putting it below a big "spoiler" line. * This is really stupid. * People who don't want to support fat-shaming should be warned.

Another critic said:

If you haven't seen Endgame yet and you have issues with body image, please be aware there's a fatphobic "joke" front & center in the movie.

I have not seen the movie yet, which means I have not seen the scene in question. I can say it sounds like the intent was to have a laugh at the expense of the character "Thor" and the man who plays him, Chris Hemsworth, who is ridiculously fit. They probably intended to get a laugh about Thor, looking nothing like Thor.

Who am I to say? What I know is apologies will be issued, everyone with a smartphone will be self-righteous and everything is right where we left it: Crazy Town.

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