This past Monday afternoon a local teacher rammed into the rear of another vehicle at the intersections of Danbury and Westport Road.

The vehicle that was hit was stopped at the intersection's traffic light. According to, when the police arrived, the driver claimed she only had one Bloody Mary at an area restaurant and was returning home. A breath test that was given back at the police station showed she was three times over the limit, according the the report.

How many of you reading this blog have driven under the influence at least once? No matter how many statistics you read about drunk driving, I think that many feel getting pulled over or being involved in an accident while under the influence will never happen to them. Do yourself, and the other drivers on the road a favor by calling or texting Uber or Lyft for a ride home because it COULD happen to you.

Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi App
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Lou and I scheduled an Uber when we hosted the St. Patrick's Day party at the Tiger's Den in Ridgefield. Download the Uber App where you can schedule your ride from your cell. They pick you up at your house and bring you home when you're ready. It's that easy and it's affordable.

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