I have been watching football my whole life and I have never seen a man more open than New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan. He had 9 catches for a team record 180 yards receiving and two touchdowns. That is just brutal.

After Hogan's first two receptions I started to call out pass plays for him. Wheel route to Hogan, slant route to Hogan, post pattern to Hogan and on more than one occasion I nailed it. What were the defensive coaches for the Pittsburgh Steelers looking at? They could not have been seeing what we were because if they did they might have made some adjustments. When the commentators, the crowd, people in their homes and even small children are screaming for you to abandon your zone coverage it might be something you should look into.

I did not know this until yesterday but apparently Hogan was a Lacrosse player. Yesterday he was very much a football player and he torched the Steelers. Just a bad man. I am convinced Tom Brady makes these guys in a lab somewhere. He constantly has these little, fast, powerful wide receivers. It's like he cloned Wes Welker years ago and every time he needs help he goes and produces another Welker clone.

Here is Chris Hogan's new theme song:

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