Forgive the quality of the video. I did not shoot it, I was on stage at the time and cameras were not as hot in 2011 as they are now. Here's what I said, while introducing members of the "Deadliest Catch" TV show to a super drunk crowd in Asbury Park, NJ.

How to make friends and influence people. Way to go A-hole. I was not on stage for an entire minute before alienating and aggravating everyone in the crowd. The smile on my face at the time tells me what I already suspected, I was certifiable back then.

How did the rest of the night go? Well I stole James Lipton's 10 questions and asked them to Jon Hillstrand, Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen, so it went weird.

Then I pretended to have audience participation questions that I actually wrote. This one was so bad you can hear a woman questioning it before I was done asking it.

Even though the quality is "lackin' in the crackin' I am glad these are out there on the interwebs. I got to watch these videos as if for the first time, which is good because I don't remember the first time.

How do you get killed in New Jersey? Introduce the cast of the "Jersey Shore" to a N.J. crowd waiting to see their favorite fishermen..that's how. Just say no to microphones.

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