Um, no! A stranger isn't coming into my house when I'm not there, no matter how convenient it would seem to be. Are you on the same page as me, or would you allow it?

I'm all for convenience, but I'll be honest, I still hardly ever use the self check at my local grocery store, and I've never used their home delivery. And the home delivery they offer means I need to be there to take the delivery, I still don't do it. So I can't fathom allowing this, even if it appears to be wickedly convent.

There was just an announcement on that the company is testing a very unique service.

Walmart, the world's biggest retailer, is testing a delivery program that lets customers use smart-home technology so you can remotely open your door for delivery workers. You heard right, groceries delivered to your fridge and pantry without you having to be home.

Walmart customers will be able to link their phones to home security cameras and watch a live stream of someone else putting away their groceries. Walmart announced the delivery program late last week and is testing it in California.

Um, again, I say no, and I don't think I'm anywhere close to being alone in that. I don't have a devious mind, yet I can already think of a bunch of ways that this can go horribly wrong. I'm thinking this plan is not going to make it out of the test stage. How about you?

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