Your secret is out Litchfield County, Connecticut. Although you have long been the longtime preferred getaway location for the New York City elite, you've managed to keep a relatively low profile.

A new article just published by the iconic worldwide fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue might catch a few new international eyes though. It's called "Why Litchfield County Connecticut Is the Perfect Weekend Getaway" and the writers have taken a few of my favorite places in the area and have shown a huge spotlight on them.

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Vogue began as a weekly newspaper in 1892 in New York City. Famously led by Fashion Icon, Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour since 1988. It is believed that the character Miranda Priestly, whom Meryl Streep portrayed in the film The Devil Wears Prada was based on Wintour. Vogue has helped shape international style for almost 130 years. When the editors decide to let a story fly, it has to have the subject matter that will back up their claims. Litchfield County, Connecticut does.

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Some of the destinations listed to enjoy in the article, which is broken down by their suggestions as to where to stay, shop, and dine on a weekend getaway to Litchfield County, are solid choices. I've long championed Bantam's Arethusa al tavolo, the dishes that come out of that kitchen are works of art, every detail is impeccable, and the service and staff will make you feel important. The authors also point to West Shore Seafood, The Owl in New Preston, and Community Table in Washington.

I've also heard nothing but praise for Morris' Winvian Farm, one of Vogue's choices for where to stay in Litchfield County. Washington's historic Mayflower Inn and Spa, reportedly the inspiration for the show Gilmore Girls, is also on the list.

Vogue also lists a couple of places to shop around the area as well. High praise and good publicity for a couple of places that we shouldn't take for granted. Connecticut has proven that we are home to word-class restaurants and services. Get out and enjoy them.

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