Former Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has built an odd and amusing side career for himself in front of the camera over the years, appearing in a surprisingly long series of movies, reality TV shows, sitcoms and (pretend you're shocked here) even his own sex tape.

With Neil currently battling with Culture Club singer Boy George and other celebrities on the new season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, it's a good time to look back on his filmography. It finds the Crue's leading troublemaker learning to ice skate and fly airplanes, communicating with paranormal spirits, getting plastic surgery and trading wives with other rock stars. (We're guessing that last part has happened off-camera more than once as well.)

In the gallery above, you'll also find Neil battling tornadoes full of sharks; sharing a house with MC Hammer, Corey Feldman and Webster's Emmanuel Lewis; showing off his leopard-skinned pool table on MTV's Cribs; and working hard to avoid being "terminated" by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You'll also find him portraying fictionalized versions of himself, a tattoo artist and a corpse, and learn how he just missed out on being a part of Police Academy history. We'll also reveal how Neil joined his bandmate Tommy Lee in the fraternity of rock stars whose sex tapes leaked out for the whole world to see.

The New Celebrity Apprentice airs Monday nights at 8PM ET on NBC. You can keep up with Neil's solo touring schedule at his official Facebook page.

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