Get me this pig and get me this pig now. There are people who will tell me this video is a hoax and to those people I say shut your stupid face. I need to believe that this pig is real and is headed my way right now.

I realize the video I juts posted has only 11 views and that may be a big red flag just like the flag of this pig's host nation. I also read about it this morning on the NY Post website. Yes, the very same publication that gives you so many factual items from "Page 6." I know my case is falling apart with every sentence I write but you have to believe in something.

I choose to believe that there is a Chinese pig rocking one eye in the middle of it's head. I also choose to believe that this pig is a happy pig and that this genetic mutation has not made it's life miserable. It's a happy one eyed pig from China and those are my beliefs. That is what I want on my tombstone. "Here lies a man who believes in one eyed piglets from China."

Wait till Trump finds out China is breeding an army of mutant pigs.

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