According to US Weekly, Victoria's Secret is scaling back their product line. Now, I don't care much about all the details of what that really means except for one part. They are ditching the PINK line. Amen brutha! 

The PINK line is all those baggy, fluffy sweatpants. That was always a pet peeve of mine. You are supposed to sell uncomfortable, tiny lacy underoos, man. Not big, ugly, blindingly pink cotton garbage.

I feel like lingerie has disappeared and it needs to make a strong comeback. What happened to the days where your lady would open the door and surprise you half naked? Victoria's Secret played a big role in that, so when they decided to make giant snow suits for the ladies, we all got a rude awakening. Your lady would say I am going to Victoria's Secret, and a little party would start raging in your brain. Later, instead of being greeted at the door by a naked lady you are welcomed by a bright pink Teletubby.

I know to some people this probably sounds sexist. I don't mean for it to sound that way. The fact is, ladies, that if we could get dressed in some sort of an outfit that would excite you then we absolutely would. There is, however, no outfit on Planet Earth that can make a man's body desirable. There just isn't. We are gross head to toe.

The female body, though, is a work of art and needs to be celebrated. So, let us get to celebrating man.


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