Now this is one helluva welcome home.

I just returned from two weeks in Florida. We turned our heat down at home, and left some cabinet doors open in our kitchen, but the lasting frigid temperatures created a problem anyway. Our kitchen faucet was frozen and so is the garbage disposal. That pales in comparison to another Connecticut families bad welcome home though.

In a story from, this family from West Hartford got a rude welcome home from their vacation. All I can say is, yikes! This gives new meaning to a Winter Wonderland.

Wayne Kukucka and his family got back from New Orleans yesterday to find most of the first floor of their house coated in a thick layer of ice.

Kukucka says a frozen pipe leaking into the lower levels created an ice rink in the family living room. A joy for most kids I would think, but still a nightmare overall. Kukucka believes the initial culprit was an upstairs toilet.

I know we did the right thing by leaving our lower cabinet doors open, but I didn't leave the faucets dripping a bit in my house when we left. I know some experts say you should do that to keep the water flowing, but it makes me nervous. I may, however, rethink that for our next winter time trip. I don't need to practice my triple axel move in the living room!

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